Ever had of the saying “inability is not disability” as long as you have your upper limbs, a handicapped person can work on a woodworking project. The only challenge of a handicapped person is his movement. Although they will need help, in some woodwork projects, they can comfortably humble without any limit. The wheelchair comes in handy to aid in the movement from one place to the other trying to make things in place and produce the best woodwork designs. By fate, most of the works of the handicap people tend to come out the best and win awards. Psychologists explain this that in as much as they lack mobility, their other senses are better than any normal person is.

Safety and health policy recommend disability-friendly environments even in workplaces. This explains why you get staircases and ramps at the main entrances of buildings.

How a handicapped person can become a better woodworker

Assemble all equipment

Since mobility is a challenge, even when there is a wheelchair, it becomes tiresome to keep on moving from one point to the other trying to put things in place during a woodwork project. To curb this, ensure you assemble all your equipment on the workbench such that when you start working you have limited movement.

Carry out tasks one at a time and in bulk

If you opt to do the cutting, focus on that. As a woodworker, there are many cutting tasks, for example. Stick to one woodwork job. Start by measurements, and then do the cutting. When you now focus on assemblage, you save time and complete the tasks without getting tired. Use modern tools like the new spraying techniques to produce smooth and uniform woodwork finishing.

If possible, get a helper to run small tasks

Depending on the level of the disability, you can opt to get a helper to run small errands and only remain with the operations that need professional skill. It will help you to make designs and run a successful woodworking business since you will have a high turnover of sales due to quick turnaround time for orders without compromising on quality.

Use a workbench to have all tools within reach

You might not be able to bend to pick things from a lower height. Have a workbench where you assemble all the woodwork tools and woodwork cuttings to prevent the body from straining in a bid to put all the woodwork tools in place.

Use safety equipment

Safety should be paramount for a handicap person working as a woodworker. If possible where a helmet to prevent any had injuries. Your helper should ensure proper keeping of nails, sharp objects or waste wood cuttings which might be hazardous to the physically challenged woodworker for he may trip and cause a major accident.

Who said woodwork is left for healthy and normal people? Even the physically-challenged people can become renowned woodworkers producing innovative and creative designs unique in the market. A household with such a person should offer the right support and encourage them to explore their potential in woodwork. Some of their tools are listed here.

A handicap person is a person who is unable to do certain things as a result of certain disabilities. There are several types of handicap people, they include lame people, blind people, amputees among others. There are several types of toilets that a handicap person can use. They include:

1. European Water Closet (WC) Toilet:
The European Water Closet(WC) Toilet is one of the toilets that can be used by an handicap person. There are several leading brands that make the European Water Closet (WC) Toilet. One of them is Kohler. There are several Kohler toilets that can be used by a handicap person, they include, Kohler Wall Hung Toilet, Kohler Opiaz Toilet, Kohler Ove Wall Faced Toilet among others. These kohler toilets come with elongated seats for easier use.

2. Dual Flush Toilet:
Another type of toilet that an handicap person can easily use is the dual flush toilet. A dual flush toilet is a type of toilet that has a dual flushing mechanism. Dual Flush toilets offer users the ability to flush with various degrees of water pressure. There are several brands that manufacture dual flush toilets. One of them is Kohler. Kohler dual flush toilets offers versatility that can cater to the interests of handicap people, this is the Kohler product that people love to acquire the most.

3. Two Piece Toilet:
The two piece toilet is another type of toilet that can be easily used by a handicap person. The two piece toilet derives its name from its design. A two piece toilet has two parts, namely the toilet bowl and a ceramic tank, both are coupled together by bolts. One of the benefits of two piece toilets is that they have elongated seats which makes them very easy to use for handicap people.

4. Anglo-Indian Toilet:
An Anglo-Indian Toilet is another type of toilet that can be used by handicap people. The Anglo-Indian Toilet is a hybrid toilet which is derived from the combination of the water closet and the squatting pan toilet. There are several toilet manufacturing brands that manufacture Anglo-Indian Toilets. One of them is Kohler. The Anglo-Indian Toilet is a very versatile toilet, this is the kohler brand that is most versatile.

5. Smart Toilet:
A smart toilet is a toilet that is coupled with electronic capabilities. A smart toilet is capable of performing certain electronic functions. A smart toilet is very suitable for handicap people, this is because it makes their lives easier as several functions can be performed electronically. One of the electronic functions of a smart toilet is that toilet lids can be opened and closed automatically by pressing a button, moreover, smart toilets can also play preset music when being approached by people. Smart toilets allow people to set flushing water pressure as well as temperature among others. Smart toilets also have elongated seats which makes it useful for handicap people. There are several toilet manufacturers that manufacture smart toilets. One of them is Kohler. Of all the Kohler toilet products, this is the kohler toilet that is most technologically advanced.

Disability is not inability, this common saying encourages the physically challenged to have a positive attitude and define their course of life through engaging in useful activities rather than wallow in pity. Table tennis is one game that the handicap can enjoy, all they need is to have the ideal robots to ensure they maximize on their talents.

The table tennis equipment has simple modifications compared to other tables, although the rules remain the same. For example, the bat has a hardened rubber to ensure they are flexible and play even when on a wheelchair. In addition, they ball does not bounce back meaning, once it hits the ground within the area, it is a win for the opponent.

The tennis table lacks a net instead, it has a barrier which helps physically challenged people to hit the ball and have a defined area which they play. The simple modification depends on the type of challenge, if it is about hearing then a player can use a sign language interpreter but as long as he is flexible to move around and have a good eye coordination, it may even take your time to realize that he has a disability.

When the challenge is on the limbs, they use a wheelchair with a flexible wheel to help him ride around and hit back the ball before it lands on the table. They do play against one another hence there is a fair playing ground, no one has an advantage over the other, all you need is to ensure the trainer move an extra mile and practice more to take care of the challenge.

International ping Pong championships organize their tournaments and factor in all parameters to ensure there is a balance among the players. This gives them an inspiration and impression of value and appreciation of their natural disability.

Imagine if all the disabled individuals could be left out, in fact, they will be a burden to the society. We need to enhance their passion and give them a platform to exercise their abilities in their state. Let a disability not be a sorry state for them. It will discourage them and lead them to depression which has suicidal thoughts. That would be a failure of the society to be accommodation on varied races, diverse backgrounds, gender and sexual orientation.

Ping Pong has both mental and physical benefits on their health. It makes them have a coordinated body movement and enhances their cognitive development for their personality development. They need to engage in an activity that relaxes the mind and body, to relieve anxiety and finally reduce stress.

After a ping pong game, a cold or a hot shower comes in handy depending on the time of the day, followed by a stimulant. After dinner, one gets into a deep slumber waking up refreshed and energized ready to start a new day with a sober mind ideal for wise decision making. With this lifestyle, there is little room for pity or burying oneself in thoughts of a sorry state.