Toilets for handicap

A handicap person is a person who is unable to do certain things as a result of certain disabilities. There are several types of handicap people, they include lame people, blind people, amputees among others. There are several types of toilets that a handicap person can use. They include:

1. European Water Closet (WC) Toilet:
The European Water Closet(WC) Toilet is one of the toilets that can be used by an handicap person. There are several leading brands that make the European Water Closet (WC) Toilet. One of them is Kohler. There are several Kohler toilets that can be used by a handicap person, they include, Kohler Wall Hung Toilet, Kohler Opiaz Toilet, Kohler Ove Wall Faced Toilet among others. These kohler toilets come with elongated seats for easier use.

2. Dual Flush Toilet:
Another type of toilet that an handicap person can easily use is the dual flush toilet. A dual flush toilet is a type of toilet that has a dual flushing mechanism. Dual Flush toilets offer users the ability to flush with various degrees of water pressure. There are several brands that manufacture dual flush toilets. One of them is Kohler. Kohler dual flush toilets offers versatility that can cater to the interests of handicap people, this is the Kohler product that people love to acquire the most.

3. Two Piece Toilet:
The two piece toilet is another type of toilet that can be easily used by a handicap person. The two piece toilet derives its name from its design. A two piece toilet has two parts, namely the toilet bowl and a ceramic tank, both are coupled together by bolts. One of the benefits of two piece toilets is that they have elongated seats which makes them very easy to use for handicap people.

4. Anglo-Indian Toilet:
An Anglo-Indian Toilet is another type of toilet that can be used by handicap people. The Anglo-Indian Toilet is a hybrid toilet which is derived from the combination of the water closet and the squatting pan toilet. There are several toilet manufacturing brands that manufacture Anglo-Indian Toilets. One of them is Kohler. The Anglo-Indian Toilet is a very versatile toilet, this is the kohler brand that is most versatile.

5. Smart Toilet:
A smart toilet is a toilet that is coupled with electronic capabilities. A smart toilet is capable of performing certain electronic functions. A smart toilet is very suitable for handicap people, this is because it makes their lives easier as several functions can be performed electronically. One of the electronic functions of a smart toilet is that toilet lids can be opened and closed automatically by pressing a button, moreover, smart toilets can also play preset music when being approached by people. Smart toilets allow people to set flushing water pressure as well as temperature among others. Smart toilets also have elongated seats which makes it useful for handicap people. There are several toilet manufacturers that manufacture smart toilets. One of them is Kohler. Of all the Kohler toilet products, this is the kohler toilet that is most technologically advanced.

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